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Creative Story Telling.


Everyone has a story.

We believe that everyone has a story worth telling. Whether it's a company's journey to success, a couple's love story, or a family's precious moments, every story is unique and deserves to be captured. We aim to bring these stories to life in a creative way.




Hi, I'm Robbie lee

I have a passion for creating high quality visual content that engages viewers, preserves memories, and inspires others. Through video and graphic design, my goal is to make my part of the world a little more interesting! After completing my business degree with a focus on marketing and working in the marketing field, I realized that the content I want to see isn't out there, and a creative approach makes all the difference in curating a unique identity. Whether it's branding companies authentically and honestly or capturing memories of a wedding or event, I am here for all of your creative needs. I hope to work with you to bring my love of this work and energy to every job!


Hi, I'm Ryan Harding

I love telling stories with visuals. I've recently returned home with over a decade of experience in storytelling and content creation. As an award winning video journalist, I've had the opportunity to bring stories to life at the local, national and international level. More recently I've honed my video and editing skills leading the video creation and event management with the NHL's Edmonton Oilers and WHL's Edmonton Oil Kings. I'm so excited to carry the passion and a professionally trained skill set home to help you tell your story. Let's get in touch!



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